Paris Metro Map. Paris tube map. Paris subway map. Der Metro Paris Plan auf einem Blick, zum zurechtfinden in der Hauptstadt Frankreichs, Paris.

Paris Metro Map. Paris tube map. Paris subway map. Der Metro Paris Plan auf einem Blick, zum zurechtfinden in der Hauptstadt Frankreichs, Paris.

With the help of the Metro Paris Plan, it is easy for you to find your way in the city of love, Paris. The Paris Metro is a guide for the Parisian metro who will take you to Paris for sightseeing. The Metro Map Paris shows you the different Paris subway lines, which transport your passengers quickly and safely through Paris. The Metro Paris takes you to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame and so on. Who wants to be in the metropolis Paris by car through the busy streets of Paris tormenting and only have trouble behind the wheel. In order to save time and trouble, tourists, holidaymakers and locals alike prefer the use of public transport in Paris, as it usually makes no sense to move from A to B by car. In addition, you can use the environment of the Paris public transport and can even reimburse Paris Metro tickets. We recommend that you buy a day pass or a longer stay, a week card, since you always use the metro, if it would be too long, or in the evening you decide again to go to the shining Pariser Eifelturm The show, which the Eifelturm in the evening offers not to be missed. Really Fascinating what the city offers day and night. In order to find your way to the beautiful French city and not to have any problems with the use of the Paris Metro, we will be pleased to provide you with the Metronetz Paris, ie the Metroplan Paris, at Of course, you can also simply look at the Metro Paris Plan or enlarge it via the buttons under the Paris Metro plan and download the Metroplan Paris, so that the Metro Map Paris during your stay always on the mobile phone and after the successful download of the Metronetz Paris Do not even need to go online and look around the Metro Paris plan, wasting the internet. You save time, money and annoying looking for the Metroplan Paris on site by downloading the Paris metro map. The Metro Map Paris is your companion in the city of love.

Metro Paris Plan at a glance

The metro in Paris carries 1.5 billion passengers annually through the capital of France, Paris. The Paris metro consists of 16 lines and 302 stations which form a Paris subway network of 220 km. The Metro Paris Plan, the Paris metronet, which you can download or view as a PDF, is your companion for your stay in Paris. The Paris Metro Map shows you the 16 lines of the Paris Metro and presents you with all this. With the help of the Paris Metro Map, you will see where you have to get in and out, where you have to change trains and how much stops it takes until you With your Paris metro to your destination in Paris. The most popular destinations accessible by metro to the Paris subway are the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Notre Dame. The Disneyland, which is a popular excursion destination in Paris, can not be reached by metro Paris, but is reached by the Paris S train. With the Paris metro map, it will also be easy for you to get in touch with useful public transport in Paris. The Metro Paris Plan is available for viewing, downloading and printing.

The Paris Metro includes the following 16 lines

• Line 1: La Défense ⇒ Château de Vincennes • Line 2: Porte Dauphine ↔ Nation • Line 3: Pont de Levallois Becon ↔ Gallieni
• Line 3bis: Gambetta ↔ Porte des Lilas • Line 4: Porte de Clignancourt ↔ Mairie de Montrouge • Line 5: Bobigny Pablo Picasso ↔ Place d’Italie
• Line 6: Charles de Gaulle Etoile ↔ Nation • Line 7: La Courneuve 8 May 1945 ↔ Villejuif Louis Aragon ou Mairie d’Ivry • Line 7 bis: Louis Leblanc ↔ Pré Saint Gervais
• Line 8: Balard ↔ la Pointe du Lac • Line 9: Pont de Sevres ↔ Mairie de Montreuil • Line 10: Boulogne Pont de Saint Cloud ↔ Gare d’Austerlitz
• Line 11: Châtelet ↔ Mairie des Lilas • Line 12: Front Populaire ↔ Mairie d’Issy • Line 13: Asnières Gennevilliers Les Courtilles / Saint Denis Université ↔ Châtillon Montrouge
• Line 14: Gare Saint Lazare ↔ Olympiades

Where can I see the Paris Metro Map?

To the question of the source of the source, one can only give an answer: On the mobile phone on the Internet at The website offers the entire Paris subway network as a picture and PDF, which is even available for download, so you always have the Parisian network on your mobile phone and also in flight mode, thus without an available Internet connection on the subway plan Londion and access can. This means that the metropolis plan is quite easy for you, because of the lack of Internet connection and annoying searches for tables in Paris after the Parisian network. With the Paris Subway Map, you will always be informed quickly and know which Paris subway will take you to your destination in the German capital.


What is a line network / train network What do you need it for?

Line nets help you in Parisians to get on the right track, to get to the right place and help to get to the right destination in the city of Paris. The Paris network of trains covers the Paris Metro network on a regular network and provides a clear picture of routes and possibilities for passengers. Thus, every visitor to the metropolis of Paris should be able to get along easily by means of public transport. You need S and U Bahn nets so to the right with the use of public transport in a city. As in a recreational park or zoo, line nets are a park plan to help you find your way around the city, a plan to get around the Parisian underground network.

The advantages of the mobile railway network of the city of Paris

Through the provided Paris metro plan of the subway Paris Plan, the tourist etc. the use it BVG in Paris is made quite light. Now you do not have to desperate to look for a hired network in the city of Paris or at the stations, but has the network Paris always on your mobile phone and can always check where it goes and where you should get off. The good thing about is that you can download PDF directly and thus also offline access the Parisian network for the Paris Metro. With the Paris metro, you can discover Paris and travel quite comfortably from place to place.

How much time and money does the process take?

The Metro Paris Plan provides you with informative information. It does not cost the calling of the subway plan Paris a cent and is definitely free. The best thing is that you can even save on network costs when you’re on the road, as you can download the Paris Metro Map as PDF files to your mobile phone. So you’ll always have the Paris Metro Map with you when you’re in Paris, the capital of Paris, visiting sights like the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, where Metro Paris will take you there.

Have fun in Paris!

Now we wish you a lot of fun in Paris and a pleasant stay as well as a good trip with the public transport of the city of Paris.

Paris Metro Map. Paris tube map. Paris subway map. Der Metro Paris Plan auf einem Blick, zum zurechtfinden in der Hauptstadt Frankreichs, Paris.